Laurent BROUAZIN - Guide interprète national
Bonjour !

My name is Laurent Brouazin.

As I wanted to be a tour guide, I went back to the University of Paris and graduated in 2000 as “National Guide Interprete”.
Since then, Paris is not only the beloved city where I live but also somehow luckily my office!...

Besides Paris and arts, I have a passion for travel. And I always find out, when I arrive somewhere, that it is better when I can meet a contact - or better a friend - that will provide me with the opportunity to understand not only a city, but also a country and its culture.

Since Paris is so rich in art, history and culture, I could be that person for you …

With this site you will be able to contact me and find information about my background and references.
So please, be welcome to … ENTER
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